Evernew Prairie Homes

We have successfully been designing and building homes for Saskatchewan and our unique regional climates.

Why Evernew Prairie Homes

"Evernew Prairie Homes building homes that are innovative and flawlessly finished.New housing building research has shown that 90% of people who build their own home, don’t build again. It’s no wonder with stress, hidden costs, quality issues and hold ups playing a big part. But 25% of our new builds are actually old builds - people we’ve built with before. And when you look at the amount of our builds that are word of mouth referrals, it’s up over 50%."

Our Mottos

Evernew Prairie Homes believe more is more. That’s why we make every effort to exceed customer expectations and to create homes that stand the test of time in terms of both design and construction.

Design and Build

Evernew Prairie Homes whether you take advantage of our established Ready To Build plans or you're embarking on a unique Design and Build, we can help you in achieving your goals. We can help you to get started in finding the answers for you.


Evernew Prairie Homes have few new homes for sale in Evergreen Area, Saskatoon is a city straddling the South Saskatchewan River in Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is surrounded by a combination of parks.